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Based in the Western Region of Melbourne, Edmund Rice Community and Refugee Services (ERCRS), seeks to provide a variety of interconnected programs working to strengthen the educational and social engagement and outcomes of all family members – from pre-schoolers to parents.

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Our Values


We respect the dignity of all people, by working cooperatively and collaboratively with others, and by becoming engaged in the hopes, joys and aspirations of the wider community.


We work at alleviating the suffering of others by developing understanding, empathy and respect in our relationships, as well as promoting social justice and human rights.


We strive to recognise and liberate the potential within each person, especially those disadvantaged, so they can be healthy, valued and productive members of society.


Meet the team!

Freyja Rebecca Georgia
Freyja, Rebecca and Georgia from ERCRS

Staff Details
Please direct any general inquiries to our Contact Us page and we'll connect you with the best person for the job!

Georgia Weymouth-Large

Team Leader

James Catterson

Program Assistant (Flemington)

Simanpreet Kaur

Program Coordinator (Mother’s Group Tarniet)

Samantha Dinh

Program Assistant (St Albans)

Rebecca Nalwanga

Program Coordinator (Tarneit)

Tara Lesnjak

Program Coordinator (WeConnect)

Freyja Dixon

Program Coordinator (Flemington)

Kailah Salisburry

Program Assistant (Tarneit)

Ejur Mayor

Program Assistant (WeConnect)


ERCRS is a part of Edmund Rice Community Services Limited (ABN: 20 067 072 726). We are governed by the Board of ERCS and supported by a Local Advisory Council (LAC), a group of dedicated volunteers who help guide us. Our Local Advisory Council includes:

  • John McKennaLAC Chair

  • Liz KofoedLAC Member

  • Christina UtriLAC Member

  • Trevor Gibbons CFCLAC Member

  • Emily WraightLAC Member

  • Marie BrownLAC Member

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