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Safeguarding Children, Young People, and Adults is our priority.

Edmund Rice Community & Refugee Services is committed to creating a culture and environment of safety and wellbeing for all children, young people, and adults.


As a part of Edmund Rice Community Services, we maintain a focus on Safeguarding where we seek to ensure that children, young people, and adults at risk, are provided with the fundamental right to be kept safe.

We have a zero-tolerance approach toward abuse. It is therefore paramount that all individuals within our organisation and communities take personal and professional responsibility to ensure that each and every child, young person, and adults at risk under our care are kept free from all forms of harm and abuse. It is our commitment to ensure that people are, and feel, safe and supported.

​We are committed to recognising and demonstrating genuine respect for the inherent value, dignity, and worth of all. Through this commitment, we are also demonstrating respect for basic human rights as this is the cornerstone of developing strong communities in which every member feels safe and secure, together with having a sense of connectedness and belonging.

All personnel have a responsibility to respond to safeguarding concerns and it is mandatory to report suspicions of harm and or abuse. For information on;

  • how to respond to a safeguarding concern or allegation,

  • detailed information regarding our reporting process,

  • a copy of our Safeguarding Policy,

  • or to lodge a professional standards complaint,


Please contact the Edmund Rice Community Services Safeguarding Coordinator at

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