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Student Support Programs

These programs respond to the need for accessible, place-based, high quality and holistic education support for children, young people and families from migrant, refugee and disadvantaged backgrounds living in Melbourne’s western suburbs.

The suite of Student Support Programs provides an entry point to a variety of other programs accessed by other family members. Our Learning and Student Support Programs operate applying the principles of:
  • Mentoring
  • Community development and;
  • Strengths based practice
"...being confident at school and with my work makes me want to attend it more often. I've also learned about helping our and socialising with other people."

- A study support Student

Learning Support

Our Learning Support Programs provide a space for developing key skills and knowledge in a variety of learning areas. This might include literacy and numeracy exercises and development, play-based learning, or personal skill development.

We want to ensure that these programs support various learning needs of participants and incorporate a holistic approach to student learning, focusing not only on the intellectual but social, emotional, physical and mental development of young people. This holistic approach to education and learning in these programs is what differentiates us to other tutoring services.

In consultation with students, families and occasionally teachers, we ensure to design activities and resources that are appropriate for the various needs within our programs.

These programs happen across each of our hubs across the week. To find out more head to each of our Hub pages.

Study Support

Alongside our Learning Support, we also provide spaces for Study Support to help children and young people work through Homework and set School Work.

VCE Study Support

With many students still feeling the effects of the extended remote learning experiences, the VCE Study Support Program seeks to provide additional learning support for VCE students as they navigate the particularly high-stakes nature of their final years of schooling.

Working with the support of experienced and trained volunteer tutors and mentors, the VCE Study Support Program provides a space for students to gain confidence in their skills and knowledge whilst connecting with their peers and mentors in a supportive and inclusive environment.

"What inspired me to continue volunteering at Edmund Rice was seeing the kids having a great time whilst gaining confidence in their abilities; as well as the smiles on their faces when they figured out how to do a new maths skill or figuring out a question that they once thought was impossible.


Through this experience, I understand how crucial it is to help children in any way possible and believe that all kids require extra nurture and care while they are young so they can grow into strong, kind and intelligent young adults.

The program has enabled me to become more confident in communicating with a wide range of people. It has also taught me the importance of patience and compassion while helping the kids understand different concepts."

- An ERCRS Volunteer

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